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Just because your developer got your website up and running doesn’t mean the work stops there.

Broken Down CarCare for your website like you care for your car.

You know your car needs regular maintenance – oil changes, new tires, a replacement bulb, and occasionally, when the unexpected happens, even a major repair.

Your website is no different.

Over the lifetime of your website, it will need both small and major repairs and updates, or else it will break down…leaving you out in the cold, especially if you depend on your website to generate business.

You know car repairs can be a big headache….


photodune-6039275-unreliable-xsWhat will you do if your website goes down?

Well, one option is to seek out a freelancer.  But this is MUCH harder and more time consuming than finding a mechanic for your car. You’ll have to sift through them to find the one that fits and then hope that they actually know how to do the work.

Additionally, even though most of us are using WordPress, every website’s code is completely unique – it takes time to get to know. If you go from freelancer to freelancer, each one will take hours getting to understand your code every time they start…hours that you will be paying for.

What does all of this add up to?

Lost time and stress.

Two things you can probably do without. That’s why we offer support packages.
Let us take care of your website for you – alleviating your stress and freeing up your time. And if the worst does happen and you need major repairs, we are waiting by the phone ready to help.

Plans and Pricing

Standard Package

  • Wordpress Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Weekly Site Backups
  • $100 Hourly Rate on Design or Development Work
  • 1 Week Turnaround on Small Projects
  • 48 Hour Ticket Response Time
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Professional Package

  • All of the Standard features
  • $75 Hourly Rate on Design or Development Work (25% off)
  • 1 hour of Design/Development Work Per Month (up to 1 Month Rollover)
  • 2 Day Turnaround on Small Projects
  • 48 Hour Ticket Response Time
  • On Call Emergency Support – $150/hr (Unused hours can be applied)
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What Our Customers are Saying

Josiah and his team are responsive, attentive to details, and flexible with last-minute changes. I know that my projects are in good hands with them and that will deliver quality work. The biggest plus? They are extremely pleasant to work with! I highly recommend them for your next web development project. Wendy S.

First Principles Web Design was very friendly, answered all my questions about advertising on the web, and I felt extremely comfortable about hiring them.

In a very short time they created a beautiful and stream lined website, complete with SEO. Within just a few short weeks my phone started to ring and has never stopped.

In short, First Principles Web Design saved my business and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mark H.

First Principals Web Design was great to work with. When you hire them you get people who are focused on you, as the customer, and have no other agenda than to see that you’re satisfied and that your website is the best! Gary P.

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