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Responsive PSD to WordPress for a Non-Profit


Billy, with Ad Dawg Creative, came to us after multiple developers had taken his money, wasted his time, and eventually abandon his project. He needed his amazing design for Fair Trade Safaris developed into a responsive WordPress theme, but other developers couldn’t cut it.

We were able to take his designs and turn them into a living reality that really pops out of the page


I ask a lot from my code partner, and Josiah answered my needs perfectly.

Josiah above all has a good heart. May not seem like a big deal, but that is extremely important to me. When I work with somebody on a project I have to trust not only their skill, but also that person. He is one I know i can trust in what he says, and always count oh his character too.

Along with his great heart he has a passion and drive to push his codes to be the best, and he is constantly looking for ways to improve his skill set. I am came to Josiah originally on a non-profit website code assignment that had been a disaster with two other web programmers. I had a vision for the site with my design that was just not coming to life. Each code person kept compromising my design because their skills were too limited to pull it off. Josiah changed all that. He created the site I was striving for and more. Since then he has worked on several sites for me. I have some pretty out there design concepts and he finds a way to make them happen. I will continue to use Josiah to help me push my website design to the limit. I suggest you do the same.

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